President Biden uses the Friends of Ireland Luncheon to call Putin a murderous dictator and a pure thug.

Video of President Biden:

The President said, “Now you have Ireland and Great Britain, and you know other republics standing together against a murderous dictator. A pure thug waging immoral war against the people of Ukraine. And by the way, the Republic is paying a big price for this a big number for supporting this strategy for supporting sanctions. Including a whole range of things. It is not a minor contribution in this effort. It is significant.”

The President’s remarks at the Ireland Luncheon are an example of how he has been able to build a global coalition and lead the world against Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Biden made a point to value Ireland’s contribution to the alliance and praise the significant price that they have paid for doing the right thing.

President Biden has shown himself to be a master coalition builder and the perfect person to occupy the Oval Office during the crisis.

Putin has been outmatched by Biden. Putin looked formidable over the previous administration because of how weak and feeble Donald Trump was.

Biden is leading the world and his diplomatic skills have given the Ukrainians a chance to win Putin’s war of choice.



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