President Biden has been providing Ukraine with real-time intelligence to protect Zelensky’s life.

Rep. Adam Schiff said on CBS’s Face The Nation:


I think, been an incredibly courageous wartime leader. This was, I believe, another miscalculation by Putin, who believes Zelensky was weak, would not be able to lead a country to war. But in fact, he has proved to be enormously strong and not only rallied Ukrainians, but I think rallied people around the world. I don’t want to contemplate what might happen in his absence, although I do think the Ukrainian people will fight on and we will continue to support them.

But obviously, we’re doing everything we can, supplying, I think, real time intelligence to help protect him, as well as to give Ukrainians the information they need to defend themselves.

Video of Schiff:

There have been reports that Biden is getting intelligence on Russian activities and troop movements within minutes, but if Rep. Schiff is correct, the US is also providing intelligence to protect President Zelensky.

Between the Russian spies tipping off the Ukrainians to assassination plots and real-time US intelligence, President Zelensky has a lot of people watching his back to keep him safe during the Russian invasion.


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