The US has expelled 12 Russian diplomats who abused their residency in the country by engaging in espionage.

US UN Spokesperson Olivia Dalton tweeted:

Press Secretary Jen Psaki answered questions about the expulsion at the White House Press Briefing:

Psaki responded to the claim by Russia that the expulsion of the diplomats was a hostile act by saying, “I think the hostile act is committing espionage activities on our own soil. “

The United States has gone from a president who talked tough but never backed it up to a tough president who does precisely what he said he would do and more.

The expulsion of the diplomats has been in the works for months, but the timing is not a coincidence.

Biden ensured that the diplomats were kicked out now when the expulsion would send the strongest message and generate maximum impact.

President Biden is hitting Putin with a full arsenal of responses that represent the strongest US action against Russian aggression since the end of the Cold War.

Putin seems to have underestimated Joe Biden, and he is paying a heavy price for his decision to unleash an unnecessary war in Europe.

The expulsion of the diplomats is another show of US strength from President Joe Biden.


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