Anonymous has released the personal information of 120,000 Russian soldiers who are in Ukraine.

Anonymous tweeted a statement:

The information is said to contain the names, addresses, birthdates, and passport numbers of 120,000 Russian soldiers who are inside Ukraine. The information could prove to be very useful once war crimes trials begin. It will be impossible for Russian soldiers who may have committed atrocities to deny that they were in Ukraine if the Anonymous hack reveals otherwise.

Anonymous has been obtaining data on Russian state media and even claimed to gain control over Russia’s spy satellites.

Putin is fighting a war that he will never be able to win. As the Ukrainians fight to save their country, much of the rest of the world has come together to fight the Russian aggression on many different battlefields including cyberspace.

Vladimir Putin chose to invade Ukraine, and most of the world is united in seeing any Russian who commits a crime against humanity in Ukraine be held accountable.


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