It has taken Amy Schumer no time at all to poke fun at Liam Neeson.

In a recent Instagram post, Amy saw the chance—and took it—to troll Liam after he admitted he “fell in love” with a “taken” woman while filming his new movie Blacklight.

The actress shared a screenshot of a Daily Mail headline and teased the star. She suggested this could be the premise for his next movie, writing, “Taken 4? @dailymail.” 

The pun was greatly appreciated by fans and followers. 

One user commented, “Not taken 4, Amy.” 

While another added, “Well if we know anything about Liam neeson, it’s that he won’t rest until he gets her back.” 

The hilarious jab comes after Liam told Australia’s Sunrise that he “loved” filming in Melbourne “They had a great sense of humor. I made a couple of pals, fell in love once there, but she was taken.”

The mystery Melbourne woman wasn’t the only thing he loved about the experience. Liam also shared in an interview with Sunrise that he was required to kick back in quarantine before filming.


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