A protester called Justice Amy Coney Barrett, an enslaver of women, during an appearance at the Reagan Presidential Library.

A Fox News producer tweeted:

Coney Barrett is one of the Supreme Court Justices who has been complaining the loudest over the growing view among Americans that the Supreme Court is partisan. It didn’t help Barrett when she chose to make an argument about the neutrality of the court at an event with Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

If the Supreme Court guts Roe v. Wade, as they are expected to do, being called an enslaver of women will be mild compared to the sort of backlash and protest she and the other conservative justices will face.

Justices like Thomas and Barrett are right-wing ideologues who are legislating from the bench.

They are out of step with America and destroying the credibility of the Supreme Court, and they could soon be facing an unprecedented public backlash.


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