According to Reuters, two critical executives at the hapless Truth Social social media platform, the one Trump trumpeted as the new alternative to Twitter, have resigned. The company that eventually hopes to rely upon market capitalization after being taken public looks and acts like it’s far more focused on efficiently scaring investors away.

Josh Adams and Billy Boozer – the company’s chiefs of technology and product development – joined the venture last year and quickly became central players in its bid to build a social-media empire, backed by Trump’s powerful brand, to counter what many conservatives deride as “cancel culture” censorship from the left.

Less than a year later, both have resigned their senior posts at a critical juncture for the company’s smartphone-app release plans, according to two sources familiar with the venture.

Wow. That’s rough. When you build a company that “launches” an app that only works on Apple products, and – inexplicably, over a month later, you’re gearing up for the other 40% of the market, it must be almost terrifying to lose the two people who are most likely to be in charge of that insanely important endeavor. After all, one might hazard a guess that most companies not run by the Trump-Nunes team would hold off on a launch until their app was ready for all smartphones. Then again, Nunes’s approach might be “milk the cows you have” and then just get more.

Of course, nothing is easy when you form a company almost solely to accommodate Donald Trump’s interest in communicating with his MAGA following, and Trump has used it exactly… once. It is almost like they’re trying to stop a fire by hosing it down with grease. There is one positive:

“If Josh has left… all bets are off,” one of those sources said of tech chief Adams, calling him the “brains” behind Truth Social’s technology.

Another source familiar with the venture said that Boozer also had a major leadership role as product chief, running management across technology infrastructure, design and development teams.

If a person wanted to be cynical – and who doesn’t? – one could say that this particular company might benefit tremendously by losing the “brains” behind the operation and the guy running management. Addition by subtraction, so to speak. And it’s tough to see how this could be a major surprise when two of the most experienced and key people actually worked a level just below Wes Moss and Andy Litinsky, both former castmates on “The Apprentice.” No words.

Other than a few investments that now look more like blind luck, the company is performing almost exactly as one would expect from the man who brought you the Trump Shuttle, Trump Steaks, and nearly every other business he attempted to build from the ground up. It is also what one would expect from a man who was determined to figure out a way to tweet again and thought his name alone surely had to be enough. Look at the rallies!


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