Not a single Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to advance the nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.


The actions of Senate Republicans have been disgraceful to Judge Jackson’s nomination. Jackson has been smeared with the false claim that she is soft on child predators. She has faced racism and sexism from the Republican side of the aisle throughout the confirmation process.

It has been embarrassing for the country to have to watch how Republicans have behaved. The GOP members of the Judiciary Committee could not find a valid reason to vote against an impeccably qualified nominee, so they made them up.

Ted Cruz claimed that Jackson would be the most extreme Supreme Court Justice in US history. Marcia Blackburn refused to support her because she would not commit to legislating gender discrimination from the bench. 

Majority Leader Schumer will bring Jackson’s nomination to the Senate floor, and by Friday, she should be confirmed as the first female African-American Supreme Court Justice.

Republicans have continued their hateful antics and, in the process, brought shame to most of the nation.




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