Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to blame Biden for Russia invading Ukraine, and she was taken to school by Alexander Vindman.

The exchange on Twitter:

The Putin/Trump wing of the Republican Party as personified by Rep. Greene is going to blame Biden “weakness” for Russia invading Ukraine. This is a page from the Republican playbook when Obama was president. During the Obama years, Republicans and conservative media howled that Obama was weak and apologized to the world.

As it relates to Ukraine, a majority of Americans give Biden high marks for his response to the invasion, so the GOP tactic appears to be falling flat.

Ret. Lt. Col. Vindman was correct.

The people who are responsible for the invasion are those like Marjorie Taylor Greene who has echoed Putin propaganda and stood with Trump while he enabled Putin for years.

Rep. Greene will never learn anything because she thinks that she already knows everything. She is a Trump fan-girl ideologue, but Vindman tweeted the truth.

Biden has been strong in standing up to Putin in a way that Trump could not dream of. Russia had been attacking Ukraine for years before the invasion. Donald Trump stepped aside and did nothing.

Every single Republican who has voiced support for Putin has the blood of this war on their hands.



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