Alabama Barker is not letting all the small things bring her down, especially when it comes to her dad Travis Barker

The 16-year-old encouraged her followers to “meet my dad” in a Tiktok on Tuesday, Feb. 8, that featured the Blink-182 drummer drinking a smoothie in their house set to the tune of Kalan.FrFr and Bino Rideaux‘s “Tell Me.” The video also showed Alabama dancing along to the song. 

However, when one commenter called the song choice “strange,” perhaps due to its suggestive lyrics, Alabama did not hesitate to put them back in their place.  

“Y’all do to fkin much stop trying to make s–t weird,” she replied. “Worry about yourself it’s old .” 

Referencing the drink that Travis was holding in the video, a second user added, “Got that avocado smoothie.” To which Alabama simply responded, “Nope.” 

Then, the 16-year-old liked a comment that supported the father-daughter duo’s strong bond, which read, “Princess + Rockstar dad = dynamic duo [two heart emoji].”  


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