Fox’s Sean Hannity spent 16 minutes accusing Biden of being in cognitive decline, then he introduced Kellyanne Conway as Kellyanne Trump.

Video of Hannity’s full show:

Hannity did an 11 minute plus monologue, then spent almost 5 minutes with Newt Gingrich talking about Biden’s “cognitive decline.” He transitioned from that into introducing Kellyanne Conway as Kellyanne Trump.

There is no need to transcribe Hannity’s rant because a quick YouTube search for Hannity Biden cognitive decline revealed pages of segments of Sean Hannity trying to convince his viewers that Joe Biden is in cognitive decline.

This is a favorite topic that Hannity seems to hit once every three or four shows at minimum.

Sean Hannity is still upset that Trump’s cognitive decline was so obvious that even bragged about passing a screening test for dementia.

Someone should give Sean Hannity a memory test because it seems like Trump isn’t the only Fox News favorite who could be experiencing cognitive decline.



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