A missing high school football player has turned into a state-wide mystery. 

An exclusive sneak peek at ID’s Murder Under the Friday Night Lights, airing Jan. 11, captures a clue in the case of Tom Brown, a beloved teen who vanished from a small Texas town without a trace—and left his backpack.

Per the episode description, Tom’s disappearance led to conspiracy theories after “baffling clues and community pressure pit the local sheriff against a brash private investigator until some very unusual suspects emerge.” 

Tom’s mother Penny Meek seeks answers after a workman for the power company discovered a discarded backpack belonging to Tom, with his laptop eerily “sitting perfectly in an upright position.” 

“The backpack had been there for a while,” Penny explained. “It was wet. Inside the backpack were some of his school papers and notebooks and his laptop. The laptop was sent to a forensics lab. All it had was his schoolwork on there. The laptop had not been used since Tom disappeared.”


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