Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) called out Kevin McCarthy, GOP Putin sympathizers, and Republicans acting like children.

Kinzinger said about McCarthy, “I’m in here looking at Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who hasn’t really said a word about his members who have shown Putin sympathy. I could never even imagine my party could ever even have somebody who has shown Putin sympathy but would not vomit them out if they rose their ugly head. You know, we have people like Tucker Carlson in essence just asking questions,  That’s his thing about where the CIA did frame all of these atrocities that we are seeing in Ukraine.”

Rep. Kinzinger called Republicans a bunch of children. He said, “We are being governed by a bunch of children. A bunch of people who are not serious about running the United States of America and truly don’t understand the threat that’s out there from Vladimir Putin, China, and some of the actors in the world who want to destroy our place here.”

Kinzinger urged his party to grow up, stop being children, and end their sympathy for Putin. He also said that he was glad to be leaving Congress in a year.

Adam Kinzinger nailed it. The problem with the Republican Party isn’t that they are conservative, but that many in the party have become anti-democracy Putin sympathizers who spend all of their time ginning up fake outrage on cultural issues to divide the country and raise money.

The Republican Party is a dangerous joke which has become a threat to the American way of life.


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