The 1/6 Committee is moving quickly and in unprecedented ways to get Trump’s co-conspirators sent to jail.


Amber Phillips of The Washington Post said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

They have taken on high-profile figures like Steve Bannon and Mark Meadows. They are effectively moving in an unprecedented way to effectively get those guys in jail. Now they are doing something equally unprecedented. I think we lose sight of all the partisan bickering here in Washington of the fact it is not normal for a committee in Congress to investigate its own colleagues, its own lawmakers.

 That’s normally the domain of the House Ethics Committee, which deals with internal drama within the House. This is unprecedented. It would be even more unprecedented if Jordan and Perry, a lawmaker from Pennsylvania that the committee wants to talk to, decide they’re not going to talk or cooperate in any way, and then the committee might consider taking legal action against them. Do you try to hold a fellow member of Congress in contempt?

The 1/6 Committee Is Moving Fast

Trump and his co-conspirators have not been able to slow down the Committee because the congressional investigation is moving quickly. As a private citizen, who no longer has the power of the presidency at his disposal, Donald Trump and his allies do not have the ability to counter the committee, and they can’t get the courts to cooperate with them and slow the committee down.

The 1/6 Committee is doing unprecedented things. It is making criminal referrals to the Department of Justice, and it is investigating fellow members of Congress for their role in a coup against the United States of America.

It isn’t just the midterm elections speeding them up, and the committee is also moving fast as a strategy to head off Trump obstruction.


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